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The Vice-Presidency of the Regional Government and Parliamentary Affairs, with the support of DRAPMA - Regional Directorate of Public Administration and Administrative Modernization, is the entity responsible for the development and maintenance of the OPRAM website.

The contents and design of this site are the property of the Regional Government of Madeira. Reproduction of content is authorized provided the source is acknowledged, unless otherwise specified.

DRAPMA manages this web site to provide citizens and businesses with access to all information on the Participatory Budgeting of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (OPRAM).

However, the information provided may not be up to date, so please do not disregard the official documentation, as well as ensure or declare that the files available for download on the site are virus free.

The website has external links over which the Regional Government of Madeira has no control and for which it assumes no responsibility.

The Regional Government of Madeira reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove part of the contents of the web site, as well as establish restricted areas of access.

The use of website content for illegal or any other purposes that may be considered unworthy or abusive is prohibited.

The creation or introduction on this site of any type of virus or other code or program that contains destructive or harmful properties to the operation of the site is prohibited.

The OPRAM site ensures its users privacy and security in the data provided, being only requested and collected the necessary data. If required, the data subject has the right to obtain access, rectification or deletion of the data provided.

We have made the following commitments to OPRAM website users:

Process data lawfully and fairly, gathering only the information necessary and relevant to its intended purpose;

Allow the data subject to access and correct the information about him / her, transmitting it in a language clearly and rigorously corresponding to the content of the record;

Do not use the collected data for a purpose incompatible with the collection;

Maintain accurate and, if necessary, current data;

Ensure the express consent of the data subject whenever required;

Guarantee the right of deletion of the data used when requested by the holder free of charge;

Have security systems that prevent unauthorized persons from consulting, modifying, destroying, or adding data to detect intentional or unintentional misuse of information;

Respect professional confidentiality regarding the data processed;

Do not interconnect personal data unless legally authorized or authorized by CNPD.

The Regional Government of Madeira takes seriously the privacy and protection of the data recorded by its users.

When using our site, where it is necessary to collect some of your personal data, your supply is considered as consent to use them for the construction of OPRAM or any other associated product.

The Regional Government of Madeira uses data collection for the construction of OPRAM, after which the data provided have statistical effects only. Not being used for a purpose incompatible with that of collection.

The user has the possibility to request the updating or deletion of the data. For this you should send an email to the email address:

The employees and collaborators of the Regional Government of Madeira involved in the OPRAM project are bound to confidentiality regarding the data to which they have access in the context of the operations of their computer base, being duly informed of the importance of compliance with this legal duty of confidentiality and being responsible for compliance with this obligation of confidentiality.

It is our goal to ensure the quality and integrity of the information provided by the users of our site, having implemented the necessary measures, both technologically and organizationally, in order to keep the information safe, accurate, up to date and complete.

In areas of the site where users' personal data is collected, their transmission is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocol with encryption keys of at least 128 bits.

Using this technology, data queried on the site and data sent by the user to the site are encrypted using a (at least) 128-bit key, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data.

The Regional Government of Madeira reserves the right to remove texts and other content that directly or indirectly include:

Racist, xenophobic, defamatory content, criminal charges and messages that call for violence or in any way likely to violate human rights;

Inappropriate or obscene language

Incomprehensible content;

Messages for commercial or advertising purposes;

Content copied from third parties or otherwise infringing intellectual property rights;

HTML, viruses, malicious code or page addresses that threaten users' security;

Comments that are not related to the topic at hand.

The OPRAM site contains links to other sites and is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of those sites.

The IP addresses of all links to the OPRAM site are recorded. This information will be used to perform aggregate statistical analyzes and will not be related to services and user interactions.

The OPRAM website will monitor all statistical information regarding the use of the website in aggregate and anonymous form. Data used for this purpose does not contain personally identifiable information or private information.

Analyzes based on aggregate statistical information will be performed to interpret site usage patterns and to continuously improve service levels and user satisfaction. Aggregate statistical information resulting from the analyzes performed may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

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