OPRAM Phases

OPRAM comprises the following phases:

Phase A - Dissemination of OPRAM, through participatory meetings taking place in all municipalities of RAM and presentation of proposals:

i) On the electronic platform https://opram.madeira.gov.pt, between July and 15 September inclusive 2019;

ii) In person, at the participatory meetings, to be held in all the municipalities of the Madeira Archipelago, between July and the end of the first half of September, including 2019.

Phase B - Technical analysis of the proposals, by the Regional Government departments with expertise in the respective thematic areas of the proposals submitted, and, if they obtain technical validation, conversion of the proposals into proposals, with timetable, execution model and investment forecast, to occur. from September 16 until the end of October 2019;

Phase C - Publication of provisional lists of rejected bids and proposals to be put to the vote and period for the submission of complaints by the proposers, from 22 to 31 October 2019, as follows:

i) October 22 - disclosure of provisional lists;

ii) October 22-25 - Complaint period;

iii) October 26th to 31st - consideration of eventual complaints and possible rectifications of preliminary proposals.

Phase D - Vote by citizens of proposals made available on the electronic platform https://opram.madeira.gov.pt, from November 2 to November 30, 2019, as follows:

i) 2 November - publication of final lists of rejected proposals and proposals to be put to the vote and start of voting;

ii) November 30 - Closure of the vote.

Phase E - Public presentation of the winning proposals, conversion of them into projects and consequent inclusion in the respective budgets, the preliminary evaluation of OPRAM being disclosed and the preparation of the second edition in December 2019.