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Youth Citizenship

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Projeto SBV- Suporte Básico para a Vida
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Quantos Jovens é que começam a sua vida adulta sem saber o que é realmente um IRS? Ou que nunca souberam votar? Ou simplesmente consultaram o seu Portal de Finanças ou do Cidadão? Estas informações e capacidades são cruciais para uma boa transição para a vida adulta dos nossos jovens mas infelizmente com o sistema educativo completamente saturado, este não possui a capacidade de ajudar nestas temáticas. É aqui que entra o Projeto SBV, constituído por um conjunto de workshops em diferentes temáticas para qualquer jovem interessado. Workshops: 1º Introdução à Política -Como funciona o sistema político português? E a sua Estrutura? -Quantas diferentes eleições existem? -Porque é que tenho que votar? -Como e onde me informo antes de votar? 2º Introdução às Finanças -O que é o Portal das Finanças? Para que serve? -Como funcionam os impostos em Portugal? O que é um IRS? Como o faço? -Para que serve o meu Nº de Identificação Fiscal? 3º Introdução ao Cidadão -O que me faz um cidadão Português? Que direitos e deveres tenho como cidadão de Portugal? -E como cidadão europeu? -O que é o Portal do Cidadão? Para que serve? 4º Introdução ao emprego -O que é um currículo? Qual a forma correta de escrever um? -Como me devo portar numa entrevista de emprego? -Quando começar a trabalhar que direitos tenho como trabalhador? 5º Introdução à Gestão Pessoal -Como devo gerir o meu tempo? Têm dicas? -Como posso contruir um Orçamento Pessoal? 6º Introdução à legislação -O que é o Diário da República? -Onde posso consultar a legislação do País? -Como devo ler e interpretar Decretos-leis ou outros documentos importantes legislativos? -Como posso interpretar corretamente um contrato?
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Project Updates

Workshop - Legislation from the User's perspective

As part of the Participatory Budget of the Regional Government of Madeira, the 10th Workshop on "Legislation from the User's Point of View" was held yesterday, guided by Alexandre Silva.

Organised by the Regional Directorate of Youth, this workshop has contributed to the promotion of active citizenship among its participants, allowing them to broaden their knowledge at the level of legislation, applied to practical everyday issues.

Woskhop - Employment Application Dossier

The curriculum, cover letter, personal organisation, attitude and organisation of the job application file were some of the topics in focus.

The event was attended by the Regional Director of Public Administration and Administrative Modernisation, Marcos Teixeira representing the Vice-Presidency, as well as the Regional Director of Youth, João Rodrigues.

The Regional Directorate for Youth has been promoting a set of workshops that have already provided about 350 young people with the development of transversal competencies important for their social and professional integration. 

Workshop - Personal Management and Marketing

The event was attended by the Regional Director of Public Administration and Administrative Modernization, Marcos Teixeira, and the Regional Director of Youth, João Rodrigues, partner entities in the promotion of active democracy that is offered to all citizens through OPRAM.

Throughout the afternoon, the young participants had the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills, showing a strong dynamic and great interest in improving the techniques used in active job search.

With the title "Marketing and Personal Management", this workshop, which took place at the Youth Centre of Funchal, was dynamised by one of the trainers of DTIM, Verónica Faria.

Workshop - Finance and the Citizen

Under the theme "Finance and the Citizen", this workshop, which had 33 participants, was given by Alexandre Silva who, in a practical way, presented services and products fundamental to our daily life, such as the Finance Portal, IRS (Personal Income Tax), NIF (Tax Identification Number), obtaining a Fiscal Password, VAT (Value Added Tax), O IUC (Single Circulation Tax), among other aspects.

Workshop - Legislation from the user's perspective

The Regional Directorate of Youth promoted this Tuesday, July 21, through the Zoom platform, the free workshop "Legislation from the user's perspective" in which more than four dozen young people had the opportunity to clarify some aspects about the use, location and interpretation of legislation necessary for the normal exercise of citizenship.

Alexandre Silva, who facilitated this one-hour workshop, gave an introduction to the legislation, clarified the nature of the "Diário da República", the sources of legislation in the country and how to interpret decree-laws or other important legislative documents.

Workshop - Personal Management and Marketing

The Regional Directorate of Youth, promoted on July 16, another online workshop on the Zoom platform, guided by Verónica Faria, which addressed key factors in personal management that can help make a difference in the labor market.

For one hour, the 41 participants had the opportunity to reflect on techniques and tools that are fundamental for a more effective personal and career management, in particular time management, a decisive factor in the planning of activities, definition of priorities and management of internal and external factors, with reflections on personal effectiveness in all areas of life


Workshop - European Citizenship - What Rights?

The Regional Directorate of Youth promoted on 14 July another online workshop, on Zoom platform, guided by the lawyer Alexandre Silva on the various aspects underlying the exercise of European citizenship. 

Throughout the session, 41 participants benefited from a very enriching training in which they were able to recall the values and fundamental rights that guide the European Union, as well as to deepen their knowledge about the various rights and duties that assist us as European citizens. 

In addition to the approach to the various types of rights that protect us as Portuguese and European citizens, Alexandre Silva presented a series of existing mechanisms for the exercise of full citizenship, throughout the territory of the European Union. 

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Workshop - Finance and the Citizen

The Regional Youth Directorate promoted, through the Zoom platform, another free workshop this time dedicated to the theme "Finance and the Citizen".

Alexandre Silva, as a lawyer and trainer, promoted this workshop, arousing the interest of 50 participants, on issues related to the procedures for complying with tax obligations, typology of taxes, such as IRS, IVA, IMI, vehicle taxes, oil products or taxes on plastic bags, among others. The debate demonstrated the relevance of sessions of this nature, since young people do not have specific information on these matters, which are so important in the exercise of daily active citizenship. 

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Workshop - Application Dossier | Employment

On June 30th, the Regional Directorate of Youth promoted a workshop dedicated to the Job Application Dossier, through the Zoom platform.

Given the underlying theme, of special relevance to young people, this workshop, held online, recorded a high number of participants, with about thirty-five elements.

The one-hour workshop, which was led by Verónica Faria, focused on the Introduction to Employment and discussed the following aspects:

- What is a curriculum?

- What is the correct way to write a resume?

- How should I behave in a job interview?

Attached documents Workshop - Personal Marketing Management

The Regional Directorate of Youth (DRJ), promoted  the first online workshop on Personal Marketing Management, with the guidance of Verónica Faria. 

The action, which took place through the zoom platform, registered high demand from young people.