Admission Criteria

Pre-proposals submitted by citizens must be specific and detailed, delimiting their implementation and identifying the territorial scope in order to ensure a concrete analysis and rigorous budgeting. They may be accompanied by documents that complement the description (photographs or documents)

Pre-proposal exclusion criteria:

Do not fall within the remit of the Regional Government of Madeira;

Do not fall within the scope of OPRAM thematic areas in the year 2021;

Set up requests for support or services;

Whose implementation is impossible due to intellectual property rights;

Contradict the Program of the XIII Regional Government of Madeira;

Contrary, conflicting, redundant or overlapping with ongoing projects or programs;

Are technically unenforceable;

They are generic, vague or very broad, not allowing for an adequate analysis and consequent adaptation of the proposal;

They do not comply with the stipulations of number 7 of article 8 of the OPRAM regulations:

i) If the preliminary proposal involves the use of an urban or rural building, the proponent must attach a certificate from the land registry proving the owner of the building and, if the building is not owned by the Autonomous Region of Madeira, a declaration of commitment to transfer, issued by the actual owner, authorizing the use of the building for the implementation of the submitted preliminary proposal;

ii) Precise indication of the location, namely through GPS coordinates, orthophoto maps, photographs, site plans, cadastral or property registration number.

Do not present a valid phone number or e-mail address;

Are aimed at creating one's own job or at hiring the proponent within the scope of the preliminary proposal presented;

At the municipal level, they exceed the defined amounts;

Fall within the scope of the right to petition or shape legislative initiatives;

If they have been submitted electronically and concern several bidders, provided that they have not been validated and confirmed by all bidders by the deadline for submission of bids.

In the supra-municipal scope:

i) Exceeded the amount of € 1,000,000.00 (one million euros);

ii) have no impact on more than one municipality;

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